Plant Pot-black with golden and gold freckles.

Plant Pot-black with golden and gold freckles.

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This listing is for a black pot with golden whatsits and gold freckles.

The shop is run by the wonderfully talented Claire who sends a range of custom made boob pots especially made with The Boob Store in mind. 

There are a range of skin colours, boob shapes and added freckles or moles here and there. From inverted nipples, to small, to large nipples there are boobs for everyone. 

These are all medium pots which have rough measurements of: 10cm height, 11cm diameter and 35 cm circumference. 

Care Instructions:

These babes are made from air drying clay thus they are not water resistant or food safe. The pots are varnished to avoid marks. For plants, make up brushes, pens- whatever little bits you fancy.