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Look-I’ve tried to break up with social media many times but I have surrendered in. Why? Because it’s an extension of my website, a place to share this really important message- ya know- working with your womb/vagina/vulva/birth.

Email me here or create your email from scratch at: Send me as many details as you can in your original email, and I will reply as soon as possible.


I do not answer specific questions about your needs over email but within a space of ours, I can tend to any specific questions. And if your question is around working with me, go ahead and pop me an email.

A Brand?

Hey, I love working with aligned brands. But just as an FYI, I only accept paid collaborations based on my own set hourly rate. I’m happy to try products and endorse as an expert when paid to do so etc. Pop Me an email if you have a budget.

Looking for a guest speaker?

I’ve been a guest speaker and I love it. I’m more than happy to chat about speaking events. Pop me an email.