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Wild Womxn Course

For the wild womxn

A group of us working with our bodies to avoid burn-out.

Why join the collective?

-A course designed for those looking for a succinct and clear insight into how to start cycle tracking and use it with success in their lives.

– A course which is easy to access, bitesized. For those struggling to read the books. For those who just want to understand it all and apply it with ease.

-You will be a small collective of people working towards similar goals.

-You will be learning and actively using your cycle tracking.

-You will understand how to work with your body rather than against them in order to move through your day and evening with more ease.

-You’ll be working with your cycle and/or the moon to understand when to priorities your needs and set the boundaries you need to set.

– You are here because you are sick of bloody burnout and need to break the cycle of smashing it, burn out, smashing it, burn out…enough is enough you will be taking a step back and not just holding society accountable but yourself.

-You will understand when you feel wild and how to work with it. Wild and Serene. I can’t wait for you to find the joy in both.

-You are done with not considering yourself at all in your days and want to finally learn more about how your body can work for you.

-You will learn we have seasons for everything and be more productive than ever before whether that is for your home, family or business but at the times that suit.

How much is it?

I want this to be as affordable as possible. You can purchase at full price for £45 or you can spread the cost between the months by emailing me on: yassqueen@thisisnaomigale.co.uk

What do you get?

-A bitesized, manageable subscription where nothing should take too long to read or absorb

-Me… me at the end of an email, cheerleading and generally encouraging

-Videos created by me allowing you to hear more about how to integrate cyclical care into your life

-Downloads to keep handy with easy prompts

-Access which lasts a full 12 months

-58 lessons from how to work with natural cleaning products to learning how to slow down when your life moves at 100 mph

-Further resources to allow you to go as deep as you wish with this work after or during the course

-Extra love notes filled with further ideas and me, cheering you on


I cannot wait for you to dive into the course. You are just one click away from tuning into your body and harnessing your beautiful, incredible energy.

Word on the street…


“I have been trying to find a way to articulate how I have felt about the last few months under your guidance, but it’s hard because frankly it feels as though it has been a pivotal moment in my life and I don’t say that lightly, I truly mean it. At the start of the year I made the decision to make 2020 my year – after years and years of self neglect I wanted to take charge and start prioritising myself, to listen to my body and to my mind and to supercharge both with positivity and health and abundance. I began living with intention and meaning, and then this course fell into my lap. Kismet. Let me tell you though, you have helped me learn more about myself than anyone or anything has done before. I have found focus and clarity which I now know has been missing all my life, because I am an incurable empath and I have pushed myself out the way for other people since my childhood. Since starting the course I made the decision to set up a self care and positivity coaching business (I’m working on my life coach studying now) and this is most definitely down to the confidence you have given me when it comes to paying attention to my wants and needs, and the feeling of empowerment I have learnt from your course. The biggest thing I have learnt from you is not just to make time to do the things that interest me, but to make time for myself to do *nothing*. To say no. No to other people and no to the voice inside my head that says I should be doing more, aiming higher, working harder. That has been the most amazing gift and is truly life changing. So thank you. Thank you for helping me be more in tune with my body and mind and understand that my apparent complexities can actually be very simple.”

“I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already!! I for one have learnt so much about myself and my cycle and hormones. I’m grateful for you sharing podcasts and mindfulness apps that I will continue to listen to. Tracking has really helped me to see patterns where I just thought I was randomly an angry person! It now helps me to realise what’s happening to me and I can walk away and also explain it to my hubs and son.

I know that others will get so much from this.

It has helped to change my mindset and life. You are awesome and amazing and exude so much passion for this that’s it hard not to get excited about it too.”

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