using your enthusiasm

“I want us to be unapologetic in our enthusiasm because that’s what makes the world go round”

The enthusiast Ellie


Enthusiasm is intense enjoyment, interest, or approval; great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity which you like and enjoy or which you think is important” (Taken from Ellie’s site)

Episode 5 of Letters to a down to earth girl and we discuss all things enthusiasm which is going to happen when you are chatting to Ellie from the I think we may use the word about 3000 times but you will certainly be left feeling all perky and ready to declare your love for whatever it is with more passion than ever before.


  • What is enthusiasm
  • How enthusiasm is viewed
  • How we can share our passions
  • Our personal experiences with enthusiasm
  • Happy to move for you badges
  • Ellie makes her first queen’s speech


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