Healing and forgiving

“We can by-pass the process because we feel to be a spiritual person, a kind person, to be a person of good regard, we have to forgive and that is a really toxic concept.”

Healing and forgiveness will only occur if you sit with the feeling and the emotions which present themselves. Fenella and I discuss what coaching can bring in a yang world. How important it is to work through your emotions and why emotional literacy should be taught in schools. We explore healing and forgiveness- healing first and forgiveness second. How to find freedom from experiences and situations there is a need to explore how you can heal and forgive when this just feels so out of reach.


  • What do we mean by “to heal”
  • What is involved in the process of healing
  • What is whole-hearted healing with Fenella
  • The process of healing
  • What is forgiveness
  • How you can forgive


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