Duration: 3 months

Investment: £100

(0r £90 if you have booked a 1:1 chat previously)

*Payment plans available over three months- £35 per month just email with this request but note the full three months needs to be completed*

Available via Zoom or Skype

  • You have followed me on Instagram and want to go for it!
  • You know about FAM but don’t know where to start
  • You have used an app but want to use FAM properly
  • You have been trying to get pregnant for a while and you are feeling lost, alone and isolated
  • You feel you want to be more at one with your body and tune into it’s cycle
  • FAM is something you have always wanted to learn and didn’t know where to start
  • You are wanting to try for a baby in a few months but want to be prepared
  • You have just started trying and are sick of OPKs
  • You want a solution to your fertility once and for all

Choose this session if:

You are super keen to just get cracking with your FAM understanding and tune into your incredible body so you can work towards your goal of pregnancy.

What to expect:

  • 1:1 initial 1 hour chat going through history and FAM basics
  • Me at the end of an email. Like seriously.
  • 30 minute on-going calls to learn more and discuss your own charts carefully
  • A three whole months with me looking at your charts
  • You will learn the symptothermal method looking at your ‘temperature sign’ and ‘mucus sign’ you will also have the chance to observe changes to your cervix if you wish.
  • During our time you will also learn more about cyclical living and we will integrate this with your temperature and cervical signs.
  • A method that sets you up for life- no more artificial contraception, no more blood pressure checks for the pill. Just you and your incredible body.
  • My own charts which integrate the moon and cycle tracking
  • A beautiful downloadable 25 page eBook to keep.
  • A beautiful written picture of your fertility.
  • You and me together breaking the contraception taboos (learn more about the pros and cons here)
  • Working with your body rather than against it
  • Me as your personal cheerleader, your support, your confidant.
  • If you would like to book onto the wild womxn course and learn how your body works in more detail whilst learning to cycle track you can make this known and you can grab 20% off this online course. The perfect addition to FAM.

What you will learn:

-How the menstrual cycle works

-More on the Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy

-How the male and female fertility dance works

-The phases of the cycle

-Why understanding the journey of the egg and the sperm are so important for conception

-How to start your chart and then become a queen at charting

-Understanding cervical mucus

-Understanding your cervix

-How your basal body temperature fluctuates and why

-Learning how to confirm you have ovulated

-Your fertile window

-When to time sex

-The importance of abstinence when trying for a baby

-Understanding when you have been successful from a chart

-Looking at how you can slow down and take a breather from the feeling of “trying for a baby”


To get started simply book an initial chat below and then we can work together 1:1 or indeed 2:1 with a partner for the next 3 months: