I drop the cover

The Project

In collaboration with Ink and Tot we have designed a new enamel pin badge to celebrate dropping the cover and normalising breastfeeding in public as much as possible.

Did you know that nearly one third of the UK population still believe women should not be breastfeeding in public. This is a worryingly high number- higher than the USA and France. These opinions can be very off-putting to new mums.

The more other mums drop the cover, boob in public and help it to become the norm, the more others will be filled with confidence.

Here you can find the kickstarter.This post explains more about the importance of us all dropping the cover and the impact peoples' reactions to mums breastfeeding in public still has today.AND now thanks to the success of the Kickstarter you can purchase one here.

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You can read about our campaign on kickstarter

Happening: By Women, for Women

The campaign was featured by Kickstarter themselves in their international women's day round-up