Loving your body, body hair and free bleeding

“I have been having this inner dialogue with myself. If I shave off my body hair because I am worried about someone else making a comment. That is literally ridiculous”

This is such a fun episode. Sophie was so wonderful to chat to and we really hit it off on the podcast. We discuss everything bodies from taking naked photos of yourself and the empowerment Sophie felt from this to how Sophie embraces her body hair and the journey to this. We discuss free bleeding and what it is. We even make a deal on the episode. So this is technically 1 of 2. I have been challenged to take naked photos of myself and Sophie has been challenged to ditch the condoms and use FAM. We will report back.

Things we chat about:

  • More about Sophie
  • Taking naked photos of yourself and a how to
  • Feminism and embroidery
  • Body hair (the do we don’t we remove it debate)
  • Free Bleeding
  • Fertility Awareness and contraceptives


I have popped the podcast in as many places as I could think of but please do pop e an email if I have missed anywhere:

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