Small business Instagram Course

How to find your community on Instagram Course

Welcome to the info about the Instagram course designed and lead by myself, Naomi. I'm a one woman band who runs a business and a personal account around three young children with most of my sales and all my collaborations coming directly from Instagram. 

Instagram can be a funny old world and one that keeps on changing and evolving. For some it is a world they don't want to be part of, for some they want to be part of it but don't know where to start, for others they have started and feel lost- almost like they are treading water and getting nowhere and for others it is all-consuming- though they have a little corner of Instagram they feel like they need some inspiration and some positive vibes (of course there are others swimming along wonderfully and have found their path). 

I ran two Instagram courses in 2017 and I have decided to continue these in 2019 in my new creative space in my home.

What can you expect from the course?

How to grow your Instagram account 

How to get sales from your Instagram account

Where you can find your community

Photography styling 

Editing tips- how to edit in seconds

Instagram grid styling tips

How to use Instagram stories for sales and account growth

The importance of being authentic on social media

How to use Instagram other social media accounts and a website to generate sales

“When I went along to Naomi’s course I knew the basics and generally how Instagram ‘worked’ as such but was feeling stuck on how to actually use it as a platform to grow my business. I came away feeling totally inspired and as a result now nearly all my sales are generated through Instagram.”

Emma- Grasp and Gather 

"It was a brilliant day. Everyone was so nice and I really think the support from the other ladies will continue. I don't think you could get that from an online course. 
I loved that you covered so much and the business side of things was really helpful for me as well. 
I’m going to spend some time going over the notes you provided (which were great as I didn’t feel I had to worry about taking too many of my own notes on the day). 
The presentation of the ‘classroom’ was beautiful and the little gift on the table was a lovely surprise and made it very special. 
You were so kind to open your home and I certainly felt very welcome. 
I left feeling newly inspired to get stuck into Instagram. Your honesty and openness about your own business was so inspiring. I went straight to work the next day and told them I was reducing my days so I could dedicate more time to Lone Owl Studio. I really feel like you empowered me to do that 💪🏻  "

For me personally, I have been on Instagram since late 2015. I started an Instagram account linked to my then wedding blog. Within a few weeks I realised I had zero idea about Instagram. I was totally lost and I wanted to take beautiful flatlays. So in early 2016 I attended an Emily Quinton Instagram workshop in London, back when she did them in person. I left feeling fabulous and energised. I continued to play with photographs and I blogged.


During this time I was struggling with fertility and photography taking gave me an outlet. I always wanted to make things to sell but knew I couldn't do this with my job in teaching so post-baby I took the plunge and stopped my wedding blog. It was early 2017 where my Instagram life really started to build my dreams and to this date I have found my little corner on the Internet where I sell my wares, blog every now and then, keep up with my personal account and have just launched a new business because though I adore my handmade business I also wanted to design items for the masses. 

I have taken a photoshop course- again with Emily Quinton, a video course wth Xanthe B and continued my photography through Emily on various other courses.

In 2017 I went along to a 1:1 meeting for PR which cost £300 lasted about 2 hours and to say I left feeling deflated was an understatement. They hadn't taken the time to look at what I was doing, who I was and really their advice in getting sales was to gift to big Instagrammers. This is not exactly just where it is at and believe me- is not the quick sure-fire way to have a successful business with longevity. This experience is what has propelled me to continue with my courses because there is nothing more important than going along to a course that feels like you are being cheer leaded at an affordable price surrounded by others who 'get it'.

I believe in what I do and my approach to Instagram whole heartily. I aim to empower people- make them feel bloody fabulous about themselves first and foremost. I feel passionately about building on your community and have done since 2016. I have followers who have stuck by me and engaged with my evolving feeds and accounts. Nothing is ever finished, we are always evolving, changing and following new paths.

My following maybe smaller than most but my engagement- boy oh boy- that is not to be knocked. It doesn't matter if you have 10K followers or 1k followers- it is your engagement that counts. 

My first full SBN business year in 2017-2018 (with my own site only launching in September 17) was ran around a year of fertility treatment in Greece- where I travelled there 6 times. I had/have a part time evening job, a child under 1 and yet it still turned over five figures with most sales coming directly from Instagram.


 "I can honestly say that even for a more experienced Instagram user I still learnt a lot! But most importantly I had a wonderful time whilst doing it! I cannot recommend this course enough, especially if you are wanting to learn how to grow your Instagram feed, business or anything else, the Instagram community is your oyster! I may be bias but on serious note Naomi really knows her stuff & has two very successful accounts, one including her business so she can advise from both a personal & professional point of view."

Gemma- A Ginger Gem

So, whether you are starting out on a new journey, are feeling lost or just fancy a day of positivity around Instagram I am offering a day course in January 2019 so you can start your year off fresh and focussed. 

Spaces are very limited so I can focus my attention as much as possible in the day. 

Sunday March 17th 2019


10:00am - 3:00pm

Light lunch included

Maresfield, East Sussex

You can purchase your ticket here

Naomi x