Making friends when you become a mum

“You can get really lost when you first become a mum, like you are losing your identity and then that gets compounded if you are not making friends in an environment where you seemingly should be”

Episode 3 of letters to a Down To Earth Girl is all about making and keeping or losing, as the case may be friends who happen to have children and live in your area. That’s really what it comes down to right?

We wanted to discuss how your friendships growing up can shape your friendships as an adult.

Jess Cheetham is a guest on the podcast who is a wonderful documentary photographer. A mum of one and due a second little babe in the coming months, Jess’ photos are just magical and her heartfelt, authentic approach to her photography carries through into life. This podcast is filled with stories and support from two mums who have been there, done that and are working out what they want from friendships that stem from motherhood.

photo by Jess Cheetham

Our main advice in the podcast is to only go to groups and meets if you feel they will be worth your time and support your mental health. We chatted through how we have seasons over the course of months. This time this year may feel completely different to this time next. If you feel that now isn’t the time for groups or forming new relationships then that is absolutely fine, but if next year or even in three months you feel different, then go with those feelings.

Things we chat about:

  • Forming relationships at school
  • Do we feel pressurised to make new mum friends?
  • What are ‘mum friends’ defined as?
  • Navigating adult friendships
  • Feeling left out at groups
  • How have our friendships changed
  • What we imagine our relationships to look like in the future

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