The soul searchers club

welcome to our community

I have been trying to find a way to articulate how I have felt about the last few months under your guidance, but it’s hard because frankly it feels as though it has been a pivotal moment in my life” -Joy

Hello dearest soul

Welcome to the club

A monthly membership for lost souls looking to work with their body rather than against it. For those looking to work with their creativity to conceive ideas or babies. It’s for everyone and anyone ready to take the journey into their deeper selves. For those who feel they may have lost a little bit of their soul along the way.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to fully embody who you meant to be

Are you ready to embrace your totality

Are you ready to dive deep into the unknown in order to heal

Are you ready to dance with yourself in the dark and the light

Are you ready to educate yourself on the power of your energy centre

Are you ready to devote some time to yourself

Are you ready to strip away your control in order to surrender to the flow

It takes great courage to return to the feminine flow, to return to the womb- the current feels wild and unpredictable. There is a fear it may destroy you. And it will in a sense; the sacred flow of the feminine will strip away your masks of power and control ✨

Bertrand and Bertrand

You have found the courage to be right here, reading this. This means something. This is meant to be. You’re ready.

The soul searchers club 101

Here’s what you can expect:


Live events

Souls gathering on a monthly basis online and IRL* from sound baths, ceremonies, womb workshops, massage tutorials, circles, DIY online craft tutorials. These are the kind of connections feminine souls require and need.

*Once we can post Covid-19.

Content for members only.

Club Content

Content for members only including private podcasts, downloadable workbooks, blog posts, all previous member-only letters, short courses, all previous live events and more.


Community of souls

Community of fellow like-minded souls for those seeking connection and support. Whether through navigating their pelvic bowl connection journey, for conception of babies or conscious conception of creativity. We’re here to welcome you with the warmest embrace. We all need a community and this one is away from socials hun.

This is needed more than ever…

In a time where there is deep rooted trauma running through our wombs, this medicine is needed more than it ever has. The disconnect we feel as a society seems greater than ever. The gap is growing and yet each and everyone of us is connected. The work you do right here in this school not only heals yourself but it heals mothers, grandmothers, children, the collective.

At this time we are able to lead ourselves back to our inner power, our inner knowing, our inner source. Where energy, creativity and our deepest needs can be tapped into. In order to heal and shed all those layers so we can find our source and follow the authentic knowledge we hold, we must spend time with ourselves. Only then can we start trusting ourselves and avoid seeking external sources for validation and support.

1 in 3 seek fertility support. Endometriosis affects 1.5 million women with there being no known cure or proper support without an invasive op. 80% of people suffer with period pains at some time in their lifetime. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in 10 women.

What’s involved I hear you cry?

You’re still here reading. This must mean you are ready to embrace your womb space. I can’t wait to welcome you into the fold. Into the warm embrace of a community all seeking sisterhood, support and love.

Why this school? Why this membership?

This isn’t a popped together on a whim kinda approach. In order to ensure the school works beautifully and looks wonderful there has been a lot of research into the right platforms. In order to support the platform as an authentic warm embrace there will be no use of Facebook, and a wonderful back end….

Every membership tier has access to different levels of support. The lessons, private podcasts, meditations and live lessons will all be accessed right here within this website.

There is a community of like-minded womxn all collaborating and working towards one goal within an online platform which is cleverly integrated onto the website. It looks quite similar to a Facebook group…except it ain’t.

You will have access to me- your cheerleader. I am trained in a range of holistic fields. And whole range of experts along the way as and when needed by the group.

There will be monthly ceremonies which are included in most plans saving you time and energy exchanges in general as a member.

To read about the tiers you can peruse our membership plan page.

From those looking for support with their creativity in starting or running their own business. To those looking to conceive a baby. To those healing from the trauma of losing a baby. You will find a friend, a confidant. Someone who truly, deeply gets it. Who you can find in circle and sit in honour with.

For those looking to find their creative flow

Creativity comes from our centres, from our hearts and from our us in totality. We cannot continue through life without creativity. We all have an inner creative potential. But at times we can find that it gets stuck or becomes lost. For others they may have never found this creative flow. Through working with our womb space, heart space and emotions. We begin to feel into the blockages. Access the unknown. Find our energy flow to allow the creativity to flow.

On a personal note. I have always been very creative. I ran a creative business. Sold a creative business. I dedicate time to pursuits which bring me joy. There are also times where I get stuck. Lost. and unable to move past blockages. Instead of going through I used to tiptoe around them. This didn’t solve my problems or even allow me to access the parts of myself that deserved bringing to the light. We al deserve space and time with oneself to allow the energy to move thus the creativity to flow from our centres.

For those looking to heal from traumas around the womb space and yoni

There are many traumas we can encounter around our womb and yoni. In order to heal we need to acknowledge these and surrender to the shadow work necessary to work through. These traumas may include miscarriage, sexual abuse, abortion, failures in fertility journeys.. Such traumas we may have already worked through with talking therapy or we may have completely pushed them down. Our unconcious mind affects our day to day 95% of the time. When we ignore and by-pass in a number of ways it can impact our day to day without us even realising it. The membership has access to information around emotions. Supporting you with the excavation of the source of wounds, beliefs and imprints. Allowing us to find our most authentic and aligned self before we were conditioned with how to be which can occur from such traumas. I am a qualified womb healing, reiki and sound healing practitioner who is able to facilitate such support.

For those looking to tune into the feminine flow

The feminine has been repressed for many years. From the time of Mary Magdalene where she has been written out of the Bible for as long as possible. Deemed a prostitute. When in fact Magdalene was a priestess. Such feminine oppression has continued through society and into today. The patriarchy knows how powerful the feminine is therefore continues to suppress. Many womxn have been forced to push aside their raw, authentic, primal selves to ‘fit’ into today’s society. To not be ‘too much’ for those around them. Such constant ignorance of our femininity means we loose touch with who we are truly, deeply and on a conscious level. In order to surrender to the feminine we must look to tune back in with our inner temple. Upon doing so you unlock and unleash an abundance of gifts that were within you the whole damn time.

For those looking to support in healing PCOS, endometriosis, period pains or other period related issues

It’s rife. Period related issues are absolutely rife. PCOS is banded around and given as a diagnosis more often than ever before. Endometriosis affects hundreds of thousands of menstruators with no clear understanding for why it occurs and how to actually support with healing from it. Period pains affect 80% of menstruators at one point in their lives. Such difficulties mean that many find this not only physically debilitating but also mentally. Many doctors struggle to support so offer contraception, operations or even a hysterectomy. Know that though it is a long process, you can significantly reduce symptoms through lifestyle changes, healing work and tapping into your womb centre. It can be done. You just need to commit to the process. Understand emotions will arise. Healing will occur. You may start this process and lose who you are right now. Consider it a re-birth. Such re-birthing is essential for healing. No there are no facts on this, hard evidence. But there are stories from menstruators and we know that medical practitioners don’t have all the answers. A holistic approach is a gentle, informative one. And wherever your journey takes you, know that you will be more aligned with yourself, more assertive in difficult medical positions and more in tune with your inner flow. Now that’s pretty life-changing in itself.

For those looking to conceive

Trying to conceive is a lonely, isolating and difficult path. When we first consciously decide we would like a baby it can either be an easy or an arduous road ahead. And unfortunately, we don’t know which it will be. The membership has access to a specific area for those looking to conceive. We will work through conscious conception together. This is both on an energetic, physical and emotion level. This section is for those who are looking to conceive in the future and want to prepare themselves through conscious conception. For those already on that journey and looking for support. For those who have been on the journey and are wondering what else they can do right now to help them before surrendering to the clinics. Or for those already in a clinic and looking for further support. A more holistic view of conceiving if you will.

Throughout I felt like I had my own cheerleader and after finishing my zoom sessions I felt empowered not just in relation to FAM but also as a woman. I can’t recommend her enough and am sure whatever your reasons for starting on a FAM journey that Naomi would support you in any way she could. The world would be a better place if we had more people like Naomi
– Kirsty
I have been trying to find a way to articulate how I have felt about the last few months under your guidance, but it’s hard because frankly it feels as though it has been a pivotal moment in my life and I don’t say that lightly, I truly mean it… …Let me tell you though, you have helped me learn more about myself than anyone or anything has done before. I have found focus and clarity which I now know has been missing all my life, because I am an incurable empath and I have pushed myself out the way for other people since my childhood. Since starting the course I made the decision to set up a self care and positivity coaching business…
– Joy
This has helped to change my mindset and life. You are awesome and amazing and exude so much passion for this that’s it hard not to get excited about it too.
– Catherine

Instant access to meditations, online events, courses, private blogposts, lessons, private podcast episodes, tools, rituals, cheerleaders. Worth a hell of a lot more than a starting price of £22


Where will the content and events be?

This is something I spent hours (and hours) looking into. It won’t be on social media or any other usual networking site. It will be right here on my website. There’s even an app. FB and Instagram aren’t the most authentic places to get to know one another which is why the community section was so important to me.

Is it a monthly payment?

Yes. The prices shown are based on monthly payments which come out every single month. The only one that differs is finding home which is a 3 month FAM specific plan and this requires 3 months of payments minimum.

What if I don’t have a womb?

This is a great question. The womb and ovaries leave behind their energy. Though the physical organ may not be present, their energy is. For those who never had a womb- it’s perfect because again you are working with the energy of your hara. Join us.

What if I can’t afford it?

With you at the heart of everything I do- I am all about support before profit. But I also pour all my time and energy into my work around 3 small children. So though I can’t offer anything here for free. I will open spaces up every now and then for those who are BIPOC, in need of financial support or for any other barrier that may be in place which makes accessing this membership difficult. Such places will be shared on my newsletter and socials.

Can I have a trial period?

Sorry- this is not available as you access content as soon as you sign-up. But know that you can cancel at anytime. However, I urge people to give it 3 months before cancelling.

I am not sure if I want to go ahead right now?

I am here whenever. Doors will open and close to the school as and when necessary and I am able to based on numbers.

How long can I access it all for?

As long as you pay. You can access the community and content for the time you are a member.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. Unless you are finding home in which case this a 3 month commitment. You can cancel via your login or email

what about how much time i need to devote to it?

Ah- you can give as much or as little time as you have. 5 mins is better than nothing and some months you may have more time. Meditations are shorter and longer and there are events to watch back whenever if you can’t attend the lives. Plus the lessons are in aimed at being bitesize

Can I have a refund if I think its a bit shit

there won’t be refunds even if you think its not to your liking

is the member area monitored

the members area will indeed be monitored by Naomi or a member of the team regularly

how much access to Naomi will I have?

For those who purchased the 1:1 parts of the membership then access will be offered within the working day 9-5. The members group offers posts for support and there are monthly events run by Naomi too

I have a question and I am a member

Sure! Shoot an email over to

How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy. Unless you are finding home- that’s a three month commitment babes. You can cancel anytime via your login or email

Why is finding home 3 months minimum?

Really every plan would be 3 months minimum but when it comes to FAM you need 3 months to find your flow and ask all your questions