Who is she?


My name is Naomi Gale and I live in East Sussex with my husband and three children who come from success with fertility treatment. I am a qualified teacher and I am currently training to be a FEMM practitioner.


My one aim in life has always been to inspire and support others. This started from a super young age helping children at clubs and then later as a teacher. I was determined to ensure every child in my class felt loved and whole when they were under my care. The opposite to how I felt growing up when I dealt with a lot of injustice.

I qualified with a 2:1, BEd (Hons) in Teaching in 2010 from Gloucestershire University and then spent the next 7 years in schools ranging from schools based in Croydon, New Addington to a private school in West Sussex. From full time to supply to part time- gaining as much of a picture as possible of schools.

A few years into teaching I ended up focusing on developing children's confidence and well-being with a special interest in how schools approached RSE. After attending a course on RSE, I realised how much support is needed in order for young people to access quality RSE teaching.

In 2015 we received a diagnosis which changed the way I view how women are approached when it comes to knowing themselves, their bodies and their menstrual health. After 4 years in the 'fertility world', I am finally able to breathe and follow my heart with supporting others learning more about themselves as confident teenagers and 20 somethings and to support young men so they are more aware of how to support women. To inspire women to take back control of their bodies.

Between 2015 and now, I have spent many hours providing support for women on social media, discussing all things fertility, body confidence, breast feeding confidence to period positivity. From starting a kickstarter campaign hashtag #idropthecover to sharing my story on blogs and in print.

After reading Maisie Hill's Period Power Book, I moved on to taking Claire Baker's Radiate course to learn more about our seasons and how to support ourselves with careful planning and self care. Looking at how the modern world is impacting on our fertility and how we can support, nourish and respect our bodies.

During my self care hours, I enjoy knitting, listening to feminist inspired books and going outside to enjoy the fresh air at our allotment plot.

In 2019 I started working for the organic tampon company, OHNE as their customer support lead. I support others daily with period related questions.

In 2020 I started a course in order to become a FEMM teacher gaining my Certificate of competence to teach natural family planning.