For the wild womxn

A group of us working with our bodies to avoid burn-out.

Currently closed

our collective is currently filled and closed until next enrolment. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out when doors re-open.

Why join the collective?

-To be part of a small collective of people working towards similar goals.

-Those who have considered cycle tracking but haven't started.

-To understand how to work with your body rather than against them in order to move through your day and evening with more ease.

-Learning to working with your cycle and/or the moon to understand when to priorities your needs and set the boundaries you need to set.

-Because you are sick of bloody burnout and need break the cycle of smashing it, burn out, smashing it, burn out…enough is enough we need to take a step back and not just hold society our current situation accountable but ourselves.

-To understand when you feel wild and how to work with it. Wild and Serene. Finding the joy in both.

-You are done with not considering yourself at all in your days and need to find a way to work with your current year ahead.

-You want to be more productive than ever before whether that is for your home, family or business.

How much is is?

I want this to be as affordable as possible so it's just £10 per month for three months only. After this you should have the groundings to move forward at your own pace.

What do you get?

-A bitesized, manageable subscription where nothing should take too long to read or absorb.

-Me… me at the end of an email, cheerleading and generally encouraging.

-Regular Emails and prompts.

-Videos sent straight to your phone.

-Whatsapp messages for regular prompts and support where you can hit reply.

-Snail Mail filled with love.

A brief outline of topics covered

-How to fit cycle tracking into your life
-How to use the moon to support your cyclical living
-What are endocrine disruptors?
-How to support your liver
-An introduction to natural cleaning
-How to put boundaries in place with social media and your phone
-How to balance work and cyclical living
-An introduction to eating with your cycles and meal ideas
-The role cyclical living has in a family unit
-Where to source more information as we progress


I will of course keep it to a manageable sized group so places are limited and each group moves together through the three month period.

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Join us to find a focus to get through these last remaining darker months.