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Your fertility goddess. Feel like you are not at one with your body? Welcome home darling. Welcome home.

Prior to starting on this learning venture I had very limited knowledge into FAM, however Naomi’s passion for it made me want to learn more. Having talked with Naomi and gathered more information I was keen to start on my own journey. Throughout my time learning with Naomi I felt fully support and no questions or query was too much (or random) for her. Naomi’s passion for FAM shone through and made me so excited to adapt this technique into my own lifestyle.
Throughout I felt like I had my own cheerleader and after finishing my zoom sessions I felt empowered not just in relation to FAM but also as a woman. I can’t recommend her enough and am sure whatever your reasons for starting on a FAM journey that Naomi would support you in any way she could. The world would be a better place if we had more people like Naomi

- Kirsty

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already!! I for one have learnt so much about myself and my cycle and hormones. I’m grateful for you sharing podcasts and mindfulness apps that I will continue to listen to. Tracking has really helped me to see patterns where I just thought I was randomly an angry person! It now helps me to realise what’s happening to me and I can walk away and also explain it to my hubs and son.
I know that others will get so much from this.
It has helped to change my mindset and life. You are awesome and amazing and exude so much passion for this that’s it hard not to get excited about it too.

- Catherine

I have been trying to find a way to articulate how I have felt about the last few months under your guidance, but it’s hard because frankly it feels as though it has been a pivotal moment in my life and I don’t say that lightly, I truly mean it... ...Let me tell you though, you have helped me learn more about myself than anyone or anything has done before. I have found focus and clarity which I now know has been missing all my life, because I am an incurable empath and I have pushed myself out the way for other people since my childhood. Since starting the course I made the decision to set up a self care and positivity coaching business...

- Joy

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