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Ditch the condoms

3rd June 2020

The first point I want to make is when I say ditch the condoms, I don’t mean in regards to new partners or one night stands. I mean when you are in a long-term relationship and not on contraceptives but are having to use condoms instead. I mean, shout me down if I am wrong, […]

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A thrifty cat themed birthday

21st May 2020

The twins love cats. Like…really love cats. We have daily walks playing spot the cat and whenever they see a cat in a picture they go wild. Xanthe is called xanth-the-panth. She is also essentially a cat. She sleeps for England, likes to curl up on your lap and loves treats (snacks). So it was […]

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using your enthusiasm

21st May 2020

“I want us to be unapologetic in our enthusiasm because that’s what makes the world go round” ENTHUSIASM (N): “Enthusiasm is intense enjoyment, interest, or approval; great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity which you like and enjoy or which you think is important” (Taken from Ellie’s site) Episode 5 of Letters to a down […]

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sustainable period products

4th May 2020

what’s in yours? ohne organic tampons As an ambassador for ohne and now also their customer experience lead- I can’t tell you how much I adore ohne and their biodegradable, 100 percent organic tampons.Want to know some of the best bits? -they biodegrade in 6 months and can be composted-there have been no recorded evidence […]

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Finding Emotional Freedom

25th April 2020

“We are not responsible for their happiness and they are not responsible for our happiness” I had to get Sarah on the podcast because I know that she and I… see eye to eye. Sarah is a true inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. She is an absolute dream on the podcast. Sarah […]

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Should I choose FAM

8th April 2020

After years on the pill and never really understanding my body-when I was thrown into the fertility world I was asked to understand my body at such a deep level the overwhelm was intense. In fact, even through fertility I was suddenly thrown on drugs I knew nothing about and had no real understanding of […]

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Winter care 101

13th March 2020

Ignoring your period has become the done thing. Let’s take it back to the 1960s with the introduction of the pill. No longer do you need to worry about getting pregnant, no longer do you even need to worry about your period. Let’s just sack it off in favour of using our yang energy and […]

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Making friends when you become a mum

6th March 2020

“You can get really lost when you first become a mum, like you are losing your identity and then that gets compounded if you are not making friends in an environment where you seemingly should be” Episode 3 of letters to a Down To Earth Girl is all about making and keeping or losing, as […]

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One way to stop PMS

28th February 2020

PMS- that acronym that is banded around, but did you know that having PMS is not actually something we should have to suffer with. PMS is a sign that things aren’t working together in harmony- that things are a little out of whack. Yes, shocker, news flash, you should not have to be putting up […]

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