Choosing the flexitarian diet and cutting down on sugar and coffee

This is a little post on my flexitarian diet so far. I decided a couple of months ago that eventually I would start to try and eat better. I wanted to cut down on the sugar and cut down on the meat as well as my coffee. However, with breastfeeding two babies, being so severely sleep deprived and being reliant on sugar, crappy foods plus two cups of coffee (sometimes three) was where I was at and I didn’t see it changing for a while. 

Choosing the flexitarian diet and cutting out sugar and coffee

However, our shopping bill keeps rising and it is driving me crazy with it hitting the 100 pounds mark a week- yes we are a family of five now and the girls genuinely eat more than my toddler- go figure… but still something needed a shake up. 

One week I basically said I wouldn’t have any biscuits or chocolate or ice cream in the house pre bought. I’d only make homemade brownies and ice cream and that would be it. The problem we have is that I run a business around a manic life at home. Any time I have to cook or bake (which I can do and I am certainly not someone who says I can’t) is taken up with running my business while Ali then takes the children or cooks for us all with limited time. I know this sounds like an excuse but genuinely- our time is just manic and adding in baking even with a toddler seems so tricky as the twins are still only crawling. Things will be easier when they can all join in. 

So basically, I have still cut down on the sugar but we buy one packet of bourbons (own brand obvs) and a malt loaf for the between meals. Snacks are still something I am struggling with purely because I haven’t time to make lovely snacks and I am not the best with fruit as I give it mostly to the babes. 

Choosing the flexitarian diet and cutting out sugar and coffee

Meat: so I eat sausage sandwiches- LOADS of them. I love meat- always have- let me at it. BUT, my IBS. Phwoar- it has been bloody awful of late. I followed the FODMAP diet way back- to a point and know that garlic and onion are my triggers. Plus, in digestive biscuits for example I struggle and some bread. Strong spicy foods- these all trigger it off and then leave it irritated meaning eating just everyday foods becomes a struggle. IBS is genuinely at times life-restricting. The agony, the distress, the worry of going out for a meal- it is a pain in the arse. I never let it dictate me and I crack open the Buscopan but still. Meat is something that doesn’t trigger it as such but makes me bloated and sausages have really triggered me with the added items in them- plus I can’t stand the smell of cooking mince since the girls’ pregnancy. 

So- we switched to a veg, salad and fruit box- currently using simply veg. We base our meals ( I have meal planned since I was 18) around the box and add in shopping around this. So far we have cut our bills on average by 20 pounds per week. My IBS is defintely so much more settled. I don’t feel as tired as I did and my one cup of coffee is helping no end. 

Inspiration is mainly coming from the Instagram account @todaywecooked honestly she’s a bloody dream boat to follow for inspo and actual easy to cook meals!

Choosing the flexitarian diet and cutting out sugar and coffee

Next steps: So I felt a massive slump last week (let’s not forget I am still boobing two and still sleep deprived) so I bought some floradix tablets (there’s so many out there and no that tablets aren’t the best) but it’s helped me perk back up again since taking them on Thursday (now Monday). I want to start looking at cheap snack ideas and we are trialling own brand foods only- Ali even bought own brand toothpaste the other day…I shall keep you posted. 

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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Choosing the flexitarian diet and cutting out sugar and coffee

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