What you can do when sales are slow and running a small business

Sometimes sales slow when you are running a small business, it can be super de-motivating if you aren’t able to crack on with orders. One day to the next no orders may be coming in and the motivation gets more and more lost. Suddenly, you may find yourself in a mini pit of exhaustion, frustration and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’.

how to look after yourself when running a small business

Thing is, it is the nature of running a business. My goodness me, everyone has it. On social media it may look like others are smashing it out of the park- practically rolling around in 50 pound notes and shoving them down their bras while listening to Shania Twain on repeat and lugging bags of orders to the PO. Obvs this isn’t the case. The likelihood is- if your orders are generally alright and suddenly you have a quiet period- its probable that most businesses are struggling in the same way.

Personally, if I have a slow time I make the most of it- I think to myself I can crack on with things I wouldn’t normally have time to do. The nature of my business means that when I have orders, it is so intense I struggle to do much else other than create the orders coming in- not because of the number of orders but because my items are labour intensive. 

how to look after yourself when running a small business

Here are some of my ideas:

1. How is that mailing list? I would encourage others to sign up to it through a mini plug or three on social media and create a banging newsletter through mailchimp. 

2. Pinterest- been pinning recently? Have a board faff- organise them, describe them. Get lost in Pinterest. 

3. Updated your website recently? Have a little change around. Do some new product images, add some alt text to some of the pictures. Create a new front page to engage previous customers. 

4. Reward loyal customers- send them a cheeky email offering them a cheeky discount.

keeping motivated when running a small business

5. Take a bank of photos for Instagram 

6. Take some new shots of yourself 

7. Take a day off to go somewhere and do something for you to get the creative juices (hate that phrase!) going. Go to a museum, the shops, a new cafe, a new place- take your camera. 

8. Write a couple of blog posts

9. Write some goals for your business

10. write a list for the week ahead with some motivational plans 

11. Take a day or two off- tell yourself it is your day off and then no guilt can set in and bloodywell make the most of it. 

how to keep motivation when sales go quiet

Hope that helps when you are in a slump- remember a sign of success in a business is NOT just about your sales

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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how to keep motivation when sales go quiet

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