One way to stop PMS

PMS- that acronym that is banded around, but did you know that having PMS is not actually something we should have to suffer with. PMS is a sign that things aren’t working together in harmony- that things are a little out of whack. Yes, shocker, news flash, you should not have to be putting up with PMS.

PMS stands for pre-menstrual syndrome and can manifest itself in many forms from physical symptoms such as bloat, headaches, fatigue, to emotional symptoms such as anger, frustration and upset.

PMS occurs in the luteal phase- so that phase between ovulation and menstruation. This can be anytime from the day you ovulate to the day of your period. For some, those feelings and symptoms can last for the full two weeks, for a few days or even just for a few hours of one of the days.

PMS is not something anyone should have to put up with. In fact, it just isn’t right if you do have PMS. If you are having some PMS, your body is sending you messages. It is giving you some much needed feedback- telling you it isn’t happy.

There are many lifestyle changes we can make to support your cycle as a whole which will in turn support your PMS. There is also one magical way to support your PMS and potentially put a stop to it entirely.

It may be something you don’t really do… it’s to stop. Use that yin energy and Breathe. Listen. What is your body telling you in your luteal phase.

You have ovulated, now what? Now you listen. What is it that is pissing you off in your luteal phase the most. Write it down. Is it that you are struggling to keep up with a certain thing on your to do list, is it an unhealthy relationship, is it your job, is it that you haven’t done something you have been desperate to do and every month keeps passing you by and your period is a reminder that you are no closer to your dream.

As soon as you feel what it is. Write it down. Sit on it, meditate with it, note it on a post it and stick it on the wall, write it in a diary, journal about it. Leave it.

Suddenly you are in your follicular stage. You aren’t feeling PMS and in fact you feel great. We forget PMS and the fact we have a toxic relationship we need to sort out. But, not this time. This time you look back at your list from your luteal phase. What was it that you needed to work on?

This habit of identifying your triggers in your Autumn and then working on improving them in your Spring and Summer means that not only are you removing or limiting the impact of said triggers in your Autumn but you are dealing with them oh so much better than you can ever imagine because you are tackling them when you’re not bleeding in your Winter and should be resting but when you are feeling at your best when your estrogen is rising and your progesterone is low.

Go on, see if you too can remove your PMS through this basic, yet life-changing practice.

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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