What is cycle tracking

It’s something that has become more and more popular over the past few years. As womxn are realising that in general they have been surpressed in society and have been focussing on their yang energy as opposed to the very much needed yin energy, they are looking more and more at how their body works, how to work with it rather than against it and what it means to live cyclically.

I have only been cycle tracking myself for less than a couple of years but I certainly have found it one of the most beneficial self-care practices I have undertaken.

We all have a cycle. Whether you follow your menstrual cycle or the moon or use contraceptives. Everyone can cycle track- this is very much an inclusive technique.

Let’s focus on the moon to begin with. Society has worked with the moon for centuries but as we have moved to the crazy, fast technological world, we have started to lose touch with nature and the world around us and yet the full moon, for example, has a huge impact on nature and ourselves but we are, on the whole, ignoring it. If we embraced it, we would feel the grounding it provides and we would also be able to embrace the yin and yang of life.

The moon goes through a 29.5 day cycle which mirrors a menstrual cycle perfectly. Thus, following the moon is great for those who do not bleed, or who would like to use the grounding of the moon.

Waxing moon- Spring moving towards your Summer (follicular stage)

Full moon- moving into your Summer

Waning moon- Summer/Autumn (Luteal Stage)

New moon- Winter (menstruation)

Cycle tracking and using just your menstrual cycle is another great way to embrace your yin and yang energy.

Spring: just after you have bled towards ovulation

Summer: ovulation and post-ovulation

Autumn: moving towards your period

Winter: your period

chart taken from Clue

The idea is that you use either the energy of the moon depending on where you are in your cycle or the effects of your hormones depending again, on where you are in your cycle.

In order to ‘use’ the cycle. You would need to cycle track monthly to see how you are feeling in the different phases so when you have your next cycle you are able to predict and prepare for how you may feel at any given time which basically means you write down how you have felt each day somewhere for you to refer back to next to the day of the cycle you are on.

Lots of Love

Naomi x

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