Post Partum Boob Confidence From A Young Mum

I am so excited to share this blog post from Cecily White who is mum of 1 and 21 years old.Before I had my little one at the young age of 19, I LOVED my boobs. I loved having the confidence to wear low cut tops or a push up bra. I loved having cleavage and feeling attractive, I never had to worry. When I fell pregnant they only got better and for four months before I started showing, my boyfriend thought I was the tits. Literally. I only realised just how important my boobs were for making confident, after I had stopped feeding my son.

young mums after a baby feelings on boobs

I really, really struggled with breastfeeding. I had a low milk supply and nothing I did; no lactation cookies or amount of expressing could encourage any more milk and for me that was when I hit a low. I felt so let down by boobs and there was no explanation for why I had a low milk supply. I went to a breastfeeding support groups whose only advice was that I just needed to eat more, that I need to try expressing more and I would ‘get there. Had I been in a different financial position, I would have 100% bought the elvie pump because I think that would have encourage me to try longer than I did. Expressing definitely was not my cup of tea. But when I did give up breastfeeding my son at 4 months old, my boobs became socks at the end of tights. It was only then that I realised how much I relied on them for confidence. A defining point came when I was getting frisky with a new guy and when he took my bra off he, drunkenly I must add, made a comment that he thought they were ‘bigger than that’. 

young mums after a baby feelings on boobs

It took a long time to feel confident, a long time until I could appreciate that my body wasn’t going to be the same again. But why would it be? I have achieved something incredible; I’ve had a child. My body sustained a healthy, full term pregnancy and my breasts have kept a human alive for 4 months. When I realised that, when I had my road to Damascus moment as I like to call it, everything changed. Because suddenly I wasn’t comparing myself and how I looked against other 21 year olds. The girls that I measured myself against for so long, no longer mattered. My boobs kept a baby alive for 4 months. I did have to resort to a formula because of my situation at the time but I am so glad that I got to experience the joy that is breastfeeding, even if it was only for a little while. My boobs did their intended job and for that I am forever grateful.

young mums after a baby feelings on boobs

I cannot express how fabulous I think tis blog post is and how it captures the feelings of many mums. Thank you Cecily. You can find Cecily on Instagram here.

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