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ohne organic tampons

As an ambassador for ohne and now also their customer experience lead- I can’t tell you how much I adore ohne and their biodegradable, 100 percent organic tampons.
Want to know some of the best bits?

-they biodegrade in 6 months and can be composted
-there have been no recorded evidence of TSS with an organic tampon
-all their packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.
-you can choose a range of absorbencies and choose your period date and they will arrive in time for your period (through your letterbox)
-I have a code so you can try your first box for free (2 pounds shipping) NAOMIGVIP

-any questions? Pop us a dm on their Instagram account @im_ohne and I can answer them for you


I started using a cup and it was a wonderful extra around my tampons. I was fascinated by my period blood and I loved how eco it is. I have since experienced pressure on my belly which I need to sort by adjusting the suction but I would definitely recommend trying one. Remember there are loads of ones not just the Mooncup- that’s a brand not what cups are all called fyi. I have a video on my Instagram with getting started.

Re-usable pads

There are loads of companies and small businesses making re-usable pads. My fav are by eco femme as they give back to girls in India.

Period Pants

I love my pants and use them at night and more and more in the day. I did a full review of them on my Instagram page.

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