A thrifty cat themed birthday

The twins love cats. Like…really love cats. We have daily walks playing spot the cat and whenever they see a cat in a picture they go wild. Xanthe is called xanth-the-panth. She is also essentially a cat. She sleeps for England, likes to curl up on your lap and loves treats (snacks). So it was natural that for their 2nd birthday we had a cat theme.

I, as always, ensure that birthday’s are sustainable and there is very little or no wastage. For their presents they received a knitted toy each (knitted by me) and a tent to hide in. Then they had some my little ponies from a massive bag I found in a charity shop in like February sometime. They were a barg at a fiver.

So let me share the day’s theme with you:

Photos from freeprints app which I cannot rate enough for photographs. And yes…genuinely free just pay for the postage which makes them a barg. The banner was cut out by hand from pastel card I bought from ebay but something you may even have lying around. The two was cut out of cardboard from a box and painted in pastel pink (actually left over from my front door paint)

I have used brown paper since my teens for wrapping because it is so fun to play around with it and make it more handmade. We went for cat and mouse themed wrapping.

This one was made into a paper bag first which is my go to for awkward shapes

Cat themed pjs which we already owned (obvs) completed the look.

I bought a cat cutter from ebay and iced the biscuits and painted them. Absolutely will not win any awards but…

They tasted delicious and they loved them 🙂

For lunchtime we had a cat themed party. So I made paper mats on Canva, made these ears with fabric I had and headbands from ebay and then little paper bags again complete with a cookie and I cut out cats and popped them on tooth picks.

We even re-used the cutter to make cat sandwiches…naturally.

As there has been flour shortage we thought we would go for a Summery birthday pavlova.

We even completed the theme with pin the nose on a cat. The evening ended with nibbles for tea in front of the Aristocats.

We even went for two walks under the latest lockdown rules. I think despite it being in the middle of covid we made it pretty good and all for hardly any pennies at all. The key with a lockdown birthday is for sure all the little details and a timetable to work to so you fill the day with all the joy.

Naomi xx

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